April 25: What's in the Freezer?

April 25: What's in the Freezer?

As of April 25, 2022 

We have a freezer full of all the items you need on hand: soups, dinners to-go, whole quiches, and even ramen noodles!

SOUPS    500ml  $6 1 litre   $12

Puree Veg (GF,V)

Organic Carrot & Ginger (GF,V)

Tuscan Bean (GF,V)                   

Potato Cabbage Dill (GF)    

Local Organic Parsnip, Sweet Potato & Thyme (GF,V)  

Tomato Dill (GF,V)

Borscht (GF,V)      

Split Pea (GF,V)      

Cream of Potato & Kale (GF)          

Local Organic Parsnip & Apple (GF,V)         

Spinach & Celeriac (GF,V)   


Beef Lasagna $13.50  

Beef Chili $10 (GF)    

Beef Stew $12 (GF)    

Black Bean Chili $10 (GF,V)    

Spicy Black Bean Chili $10 (GF,V)   

Mediterranean Chickpea Stew $10 (GF,V)    

Moroccan Swt Pot Chickpea Stew $10 (GF,V)   

Provencal Chicken Stew $12 (GF)                

Chicken Fricassee $12 (GF)   

Maple Glazed Salmon Dinner $15 (GF)

Baked Salmon Dinner $15 (GF)

Veggie & Lentil Stew $10 (GF,V)

Roasted Root Vegetable & Bean Stew $10   (GF,V)

Chicken Curry & Rice $12 (GF)

Creole Sausage with Peppers & Rice $12 (GF)

Savoury Strudel $8.50


Mushroom, Caramelized Onion & Brie

Cherry Tomato Pesto & Mozzarella

Ham & Cheddar

Organic Cherry Tomato, Mushroom & Asiago 

Leek & Asiago 

Spinach, Feta & Red Onion



Bag-o-muffins 6 for $9

Meat Sauce $5

Mexican Style Flour Tortillas $8

Banana leaves $4.75

Ramen noodles $10

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