Feb 13 - 17: Menu

Feb 13 - 17: Menu

Our menu at MeMe's Cafe changes every week. So stay tuned each week for updates! Please see below for our menu for Feb. 13-17

DRY FEBRUARY is happening and we have a fantastic selection of non-alcohol wines and cocktails. Spirits will be arriving soon, we’ll keep you posted.  

Our menu changes every week, so stay tuned for updates! We offer a variety of food items from soups, sandwiches, bagels, wraps, quiche, salads, and more for take-out only. 😊

What's happening this week?

  • Valentines Day: Daniel is busy baking.  We will be offering Tits, Cake Pops & Flourless Chocolate Cake with a raspberry coulis  
  • Bagels and Bread on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday this week

Thinking of a Romantic Dinner?  We will be offering a Special Dinner on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Choice of Soup or Mixed Greens 
Salmon on a bed of Organic Shiitake Mushrooms & Leeks, Mini Potatoes and Vegetables 
Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Coulis    
$35 per person  - please preorder

🌱 If you have any dietary restrictions or need modifications, just ask us. We strive to provide options for everyone!

 🍽️ Please see below for our Feb 13-17 menu.


 Mushroom, Leek & Thyme  (GF, V)

Local Organic Parsnip, Potato & Roasted Garlic  (GF)

Curried Carrot, Coconut & Lime     (GF,V)



Egg Salad & Dill

 Turkey & Havarti

Ham & Swiss

Tuna Salad


Ham, Apple Butter & Smoked Cheddar

Roast Beef, Frizzled Onions & Cheddar

Hummus & Veggie  (V)

Italian Chicken Breast


Cream Cheese $3.75

Herbed Cream Cheese & Cucumber $4.75

Smoked Salmon $8.50

Tuna & Cheddar Melt $9.00

  *vegan cream cheese available add $1

  *add avocado for $2


MeMe’s Feta Salad (GF) $7/$14

Thai Health Bowl (GF, V)   →  Sweet Potato Snow Pea Salad, Vermicelli Pepper Salad, Edamame Beans & Organic Shiitake Mushrooms & Mango Slaw   (GF, V) $15

Beef Chili     (GF) $16

Mediterranean Chickpea Stew  (GF,V) $14


Take home and heat

Choice of Soup or Mixed Greens - Salmon on a bed of Organic Shiitake Mushrooms & Leeks, Mini Potatoes and Vegetables - and Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Coulis    $35 per person  - please preorder.


Chocolate Flourless Cake  (GF) $7

Brownie (GF) $4.75

Date Shag (GF,V) $5.00

Lemon Bar $4.75

Carrot Cake $4.75

Butter Tarts 4 for $9 

Health Cookie $4.50

Chocolate Chip $3.75

Energy Balls (GF, V) 3 for $3

Muffins $2.95 each 


Peppermint Hot Chocolate    $4 & $5

Chai Lavender Latter   $4 & $5

MeMe-ccino $6

→ Chocolate, caramel, espresso, ice, milk topped with whipped cream



Coffee / Tea 

Americano $3 + $4

Mocha $5 + $6

Cappuccino $3.50

Espresso $2.50 + $3.75

Hot Chocolate $4 + $5

Peppermint Hot Chocolate $4.75 + $5.75

Latte $4 + $5

Chai Latte $4 + $5

Dirty Chai Latte $5+$6

Turmeric Coconut Latte $5 + $6 

San Pelligrino $3.25

Stewart’s Soda $3

Live Kombucha $5

Sap Sucker $3.25

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