July 18: What's in the Freezer?

July 18: What's in the Freezer?

What's in the Freezer?
as of July 18, 2023

We have a freezer full of all the items you need on hand: soups, dinners to-go, whole quiches, and even chicken pot pies!

Soups : 500mL $6 1L $12

Moroccan Chickpea(GF, DF, V) x1

Carrot and Ginger (GF, DF, V) x 2

Cream of Asparagus (GF) x 1

Potato Rosemary (GF) x 3

Thai Pumpkin (GF, DF, V) x 2

Cauliflower Cheddar & Chives (GF, V) x 2

Gazpacho (GF, DF, V) x 2

Rhubarb Ginger Coconut (GF, DF, V) x 2

Traditional Vegetable (GF, DF, V) x 7

Potato Spinach (GF, DF, V) x 6

Cream of Vegetable (GF) x 6

Lentil Lemon (GF, DF, V) x 3

Roasted Cauli and Cumin (GF, DF, V) x 3

Carrot, Apple, Rosemary (GF, DF, V) x 4

Split Pea (GF, DF, V) x1

Jalapeno Cheddar (GF) x 1

Tomato Dill (GF, DF, V) x 7

Tomato & Red Pepper (GF, DF, V) x 2

Sweet Potato & Chipotle (GF, DF, V) x 3

Spinach & Celeriac (GF, DF, V) x 8

Sweet Potato, Coconut, Ginger(GF, DF, V) x 9

Mushroom & Leek (GF, DF, V) x1

Cream of Broccoli (GF) x 2

Entrees : $8.50 - $28

Sausage, Apple, Sauerkraut Bake x3

Aloo Gobi, Dal & Rice (GF, V) x5

Mediterranean Chickpea Stew (GF, V) x 9

Beef Curry & Rice (GF) x 4

Chicken Curry (GF, DF) x 2

Beef Curry  (GF) x 4

Black Bean Chilli (GF, DF, V) x 9

Quiche : Whole (50% off)

Ham & Cheddar x 3

Cheezy Herb x1

Spinach Mushroom Asiago x 1

Quiche: Slices $7 (50% off)

Spinach Mushroom Asiago x 1

Strawberry Brie x 2

Spinach Feta Red Onion x1

Bread & Bagels: (50% OFF)

Cinnamon Raisin Bread $3.50 x 1

Sourdough Bread $6 x 10

2 pack of bagels $3

4 packs of bagels $6

6 packs of bagels $9



Breakfast Burritos $5 x7

Jake & Humphrey's Demi Glaze $8 / $15 x6

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