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Cocoa Powder Tins

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Not all cocoa powder is the same. That is the lesson Soul Chocolate, based out of Toronto, learned while sourcing this from Tanzania. There are two main types: Natural and alkalized (dutch process). In a nutshell, alkalized has been effectively 'washed' with an alkaline solution to remove acidity from the cacao. Natural is just that - natural. Of course, they went with natural, because it's full of flavour and goes through less of a process.

Soul Chocolate sources their cocoa powder from the team at Kokoa Kamili (same producers as our Tanzania 80% Dark Chocolate). Kokoa Kamili was founded by Brian LoBue and Simran Bindra, who have backgrounds in international development throughout eastern and southern Africa. Their team works with about 2000 registered smallholder farmers. Most of the farmers own between 0.5 to two acres of land - focusing on food crops, with cacao being one of the main sources of revenue.

The aroma reminds us of fudge brownies and it brings us back to sipping on hot cocoa after tobogganing. Use this in your favourite baked goods! It also comes with a little reusable lid to keep it fresh.


  • Shelf life 24 months in original packaging. Store in a clean, dry, ventilated area that is free from any foreign odours and away from direct sunlight.
  • Vegan, Soy Free


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